Frank's eyes fluttered slowly open allowing his eyes to adjust to the blinding morning light. ''Nnnff,'' he grunted as he pushed snooze on the alarm clock next to him. 6:30 a.m. It was by far way to early to be awake, but he really needed to get to work, so he had set the alarm half an hour early. He heard Gerard yawning next to him. '''Morning,'' Frank said.

     ''Mmmm, 'morning,'' Gerard mumbled as he stretched his arms up above him. ''What time is it?''

     ''Six thirty. I set it a little early for work.''

     ''Ugh, work,'' Gerard grumbled. ''I hate getting up for it. It's not fun. Only good thing about it is the money,'' he complained sleepily as he wrapped his arms around Frank. ''How'd you sleep?''

     ''Pretty good. Though it was only about three hours. Someone kept me up all night,'' he replied cocking his eyebrow.

     ''Shut up, you know you love me,'' Gerard growled playfully squeezing Frank.

     ''Yeah, I do,'' Frank said with a smile. ''But right now I really need to get a shower. Wanna join?'', he winked.

     Gerard grinned wide, mouth still lazy from sleep, ''Nothin' to wake you up like a shower.''


     On the drive to work Frank drove through Starbucks to grab some coffees. One was for Mikey, since he was like the best freind in the world, and one for Brendon. He always seemed to be owing that kid something, but he didn't mind 'cause he was so sweet and would always cover for Frank when he needed to bail. So now Frank owed him big time since he took half a day yesterday due his and Gee's four year anniversary.

     ''Frank, you know how much I love you, right?'' Brendon said as Frank handed him his coffee.

     ''To much for comfort?''

     ''Even more! I needed this so much,'' he said taking a sip. ''Mmmmm..... So, so much.'' He closed his eyes and took another drink, and Frank could have sworn he saw him swishing it around in his mouth. ''Ah,'' Brendon sighed and opened his eyes.

     ''Late night with Ryan?'' Frank asked.

     ''Yepp!'' Brendon grinned up at him. ''And I expect you to return the favor of covering for me; our year anniversary is next month,'' he said. ''And oh! How did last night go?''

     ''Amazingly,'' Frank sighed lazily leaning against his desk.

     ''So I take it he said....?'' Brendon said raising his eyebrows.

     ''He said yes!'' Frank nearly jumped in the air in all his joy.

     ''Congradulations! I just can't wait 'till it's my turn,'' Brendon smiled taking a sip.

     ''Congradulations on what?'' Mikey asked walking up to him lazily grabbing the coffee Frank held out to him. ''Oh god, I needed this!''

     ''Love you too,'' Frank said. Mikey looked at him impatiently waiting for an answer. ''And you're gonna love this, Gerard and I and getting married!''

     Mikey nearly choked on his coffee. ''You what?!''

     ''Tying the knot! Getting hitched! Jumping the broom! Getting married!'' he practically screamed at him. ''Last night at dinner I asked him, and he said yes! You're going to be our flower girl!''

     Mikey nearly choked again.

     ''Ugh!'' Brendon scoffed looking up hurt, ''I thought I got to be the flower girl.''

     You're the maid of honor,'' Frank winked. Brendon smiled at him so big Frank though his face might crack in two.

     ''Alright ladies, enough gossiping, back to work!'' Bob came through saying clapping his hands, mocking them. He looked at Frank and Brendon's grinning faces and then at Mikey's face. ''What's up with her?'' he asked nodding towards Mikey.

     Frank ran around and hopped up on Bob's back, carefully, so as not to spill the coffe he handed him over his shoulder and said, ''Gerard and I are getting married!'' really loudly in his ear.

     ''No shit, man? Congrats!''

     ''I know,'' Frankie said snuggling down into his neck. We're gonna start planning the wedding tonight!'' Mikey gave him a somewhat questioning look. ''Well it's not like we could plan it last night!'' he exclaimed. ''We were to busy having sex!!''

     Mikey was really going for a record, because he choked on his coffe again. ''Okay, that's way to much information,'' Bob said shaking him off. ''Seriously dude, I know you're happy and all, but you actually have to work. You need money for a wedding.''

     ''You're always right, aren't you?'' Frank said sitting down in his rolling chair. Bod just smiled and nodded and told him to get back to work.


     That night Frank was in such a good mood he actually made dinner even though Gerard always did. ''For my husband to be,'' he said when Gerard looked at him dumbly from the kitchen doorway. ''What?'' Frank said standing there in his Kiss The Cook apron.

     ''Just don't blow anything up,'' Gerard siad as he shook his head with as smile and turned around.

     As they sat eating they wrote down wedding ideas in the spiral notebook that sat between them. ''I was thinking I could wear a white tux,'' Gerard said, his hand covering his mouth to hide the food inside.

     ''Sounds good to me,'' Frank said and wrote it down. ''And what about if we-,'' he stopped at the look on Gerard's face. ''Gee baby, are you okay?'' he asked concerned.

     ''I don't know,'' he said slowly shaking his head. ''I just felt really nausius all the sudden.''

     Frank took his hand and rubbed his thumb over the back of it. ''You want me to get you something? Tums? Pepto Bismal?''

     Gerars shook his head. ''No, I-,'' and then he jumped up and ran down the hall to the bathroom. Frank ran behind him and caught up just as Gerard lead his head over the toilet, his dinner making a reappearence.

     ''Oh, baby,'' Frank said simpathetically kneeling down beside him to hold back his long black hair. He rubbed his back in small circles and cooed at him trying to make him feel better. When he was finished and retching and leaned back against the tub Frank got up and filled him a glass of water and got the Tums out of the cabnit.

     ''Thanks,'' Gerard said reaching up to grab them. He took a slow drink of water and looked at the bottle in his hand. ''Mint flavoured,'' he smiled up at Frankie. ''Just the kind I like.'' He flipped the top and chewed up three.

     ''You okay?'' Frank asked sitting down beside him and pulling him towards him.

     ''Yeah, I feel better now,'' Gerard said putting his head on Frank's shoulder. ''It feels like I have food poisoning or something,'' he mumbled taking another sip of water.

     ''I'm sorry baby,'' Frank said rubbing his head. ''You wanna go lie down?''.

     ''Yeah, actaually I feel pretty tierd. Hand me up?'' Frank stood and pulled Gerard to his feet. He took the now empty glass and handed him his tooth brush.

     ''Get ready for bed,'' he kissed his cheeck. ''I'm gonna go get a puke bucket in case you need one during the night.''


     Apparently he did need it. Frank woke up three times to the sounds of Gee retching over the little trash can. Each time he would just rub his back and say soothing things untill it was over. ''I'm sorry baby. How 'bout you go see the doctor tomorrow?'' he asked the last time.

     Gerard nodded, ''Yeah, that's probably wise,'' he said.

     ''I'll schedual an appointment before I go to work. Get some sleep,'' he said wrapping his arms around Gerard and kissed the top of his head.


     Before he left for work Frank made the appointment as promissed. ''Honey?'' he said as he stepped into the bedroom where Gerard was lying pathetically on the bed. ''You have an appointment with Ray at ten. I know you feel bad, but please go. I also called your office and told Patrick you were sick. I'll see you at five,'' he said and bent to kiss him.


     He stopped to get coffe again and then headed into work, feeling bad for leaving Gee all alone when he was sick. But he couldn't miss work, as Bob had pointed out, he needed the money. He sat down behind his desk at turned on his computer. While he waited for it to boot up Brendon came and sat on the corner of his desk taking his coffee from the tray. Mikey came up behind him and got his coffee too. ''Something wrong, Frank?'' he asked. ''You were over the moon yesterday. Did my brother go and fuck things up?''

     ''No, no, nothing like that,'' Frank assured him. ''Gee's just sick is all. I'm making him go see Ray in about an hour and a half.''

     Mikey smiled into his cup, ''He must really love you if he's willing to go to the hospital. I don't think he saw a doctor once from the time he turned 18 until he met you. He's so scared of needles he won't even walk through the doors.''

     ''Well he ought to love me, we are getting married after all.''

     ''Yeah,'' Mikey said looking at his watch. ''Well I better get to work. Tell Gee I hope he gets to feeling better.''


     Frank couldn't tell you how surprised he was to see Gerard walk into the office a little after eleven. ''Hey!'' he smiled up in surpise. ''What're you doing here?''

     ''Well I was thinking of calling you and seeing about going to lunch, but I had something important I wanted to tell you, so I figured I would just come by and hang until then. That okay?'' he asked.

     ''Sure, no problem.'' Frank looked across the walkway the Brendon, ''It alright with you? My feancee won't be to distracting for you, will he?'' Frank asked cocking his eyebrow and taking Gerard's hand.

     ''Fine by me,'' he said waving his hand, not even looking up from his computer.

     Frank stood, ''So what did you want to tell me?''

     Can we maybe go somewhere a little more private?'' Gerard asked eyeing Brendon. That was odd, Frank thought. Gerard had always liked Brendon.

     ''Okay, sure,'' Frank said and turned left down the hallway towards the empty break room. They walked in and Gerard closed the door securely behind them. ''So what is it?'' Frank asked.

     Gerard stood in front of him and put a hand on each of his shoulders. ''I love you.''

     ''I love you, too.'' Frank answered. ''But that can't be the profound statement you've been leading up to, surely?''

     ''Frank,'' Gerard said looking in his eyes and smiling his biggest grin.


     ''I'm pregnant.''


A/N: So this something I'm currently working on and have been posting on LiveJournal for awhile now. It's unbetaed, so please forgive me for any mistakes, though feel free to point them out so I can avoid making them again. I'd slove to know what you think, so feedback would be awsome!



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